Practice Tips

In learning to play an instrument, progress is a process of adding new skills to ones already mastered. The following are some suggestions for students which may help them practice and learn more effectively.

• Record daily practice times on a chart.

• Schedule a regular time each day and adhere to the schedule.

• Don’t put off practicing until the end of the day.

• Make practice sessions a habit. Consistent practice hastens and maintains progress.

• Focus on progress and improvement. Listen. Be calm and patient;
improvement comes one step at a time.

• Don’t become discouraged; there will be days when everything suddenly comes together. Effort and persistence are the keys.

• Review each lesson and set objectives to work on before each new practice session.

• Attend as many concerts and performances as possible. Watch how the performers play and interact. Much can be learned from performances of all types, whether chamber music, orchestra, opera, theater, or solo performances.

• Records, video tapes and compact discs can be valuable learning aids. Listen or watch, and learn different techniques and interpretations.

• Music is like a language. The greater the mastery of its grammar and structure, the more effectively musical interpretations can be communicated.

• Play music with peers and learn from each other. Read music with friends; enjoy and use new skills.


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